Part-Time Jobs in Canada: Make Over $50/Hour with No Experience

Part-Time Jobs in Canada: Make Over $50/Hour with No Experience

Part-Time Jobs in Canada: Make Over $50/Hour with No Experience

As someone who works in product management at Workopolis, I understand that job seekers often struggle with irrelevant search results, especially those who lack experience or are new to the job market. While it's a challenge to improve this experience for everyone, I've found some helpful tips to make your job search more effective.

In particular, I've discovered a way to target part-time jobs with high pay that don't require any experience. It's not easy to find this kind of job with a simple search query on any job board, so you'll have a competitive advantage if you know how to search for them.

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How to find impossible jobs: high pay, flexible hours, no experience required

Here are two hacks that can help you find the best jobs:

Hack 1: Use Negative Search Terms

By using smart search techniques, you can quickly isolate job posts with the best hours, pay, and benefits. To start, I recommend using a negative search term for the word "-years". This filter will exclude jobs that require any number of years of experience, leaving you with a larger set of jobs that recent graduates and students can qualify for. From there, you can filter your search by pay and job type to target only the high-paying part-time jobs.

Keep in mind that this method isn't foolproof, and you may miss some job posts that "prefer" a certain amount of experience but don't require it. However, this hack can still give you a better result than searching for "no experience" alone.

Hack 2: Save your search as a job alert

Once you've found the jobs that meet your criteria, it's important to apply to them as soon as possible. I recommend saving your search as an email job alert so that you can quickly apply to the freshest job posts each day. This will give you a better chance of getting a positive response.

By using these hacks, you can find high-paying part-time jobs that don't require experience. Keep in mind that this list may include jobs in technical or medical fields, so adjust your search criteria accordingly if you're looking for something different.

Top 15 Best Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada, Hiring Now

Social Media Specialist  ($20 – $60/hr)

As a social media specialist, your main responsibility is to use your knowledge of social media trends to boost sales for businesses. You'll create digital content and posts to promote products or services and attract more customers online.

This job doesn't require a university degree or intensive training, but it's beneficial if you have excellent communication skills. If you enjoy spending time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, this could be the perfect job for you. Plus, it offers flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Common Qualifications:

  • Passion for social media
  • Exceptional writing skills, strong design, and content creation skills
  • University or college degree (usually required)
  • Experience in graphic design (usually required)

Entertainer For Children  ($20 – $140/hr)

As a children's entertainer, your main goal is to entertain kids by performing various activities like magic shows, puppet shows, storytelling, or singing. You don't need a formal degree or certification for this job, but you should have a positive attitude, creativity, and a fondness for children.

You can work for party agencies, schools, or private clients who are organizing events for children. The pay for this job ranges from $20 to $140 per hour, depending on your experience and the type of entertainment you provide.

If you enjoy making kids laugh and creating memorable experiences for them, then this job might be perfect for you. So, bring out your creative side and start entertaining children today!

Nail Technician ($15 – $65/hr)

As a nail technician, you'll need to have good communication skills, as you'll be interacting with clients and providing them with advice on nail care. You'll also need to have excellent attention to detail, as working with nails requires precision.

Nail technicians may need to obtain a license or certification in some states or countries, so it's important to check the requirements in your area. Additionally, you may need to invest in your own tools and equipment, such as nail files, polish, and UV lamps.

Overall, this job can be a great choice for those who enjoy working in a creative and social environment, and have a passion for helping others look and feel their best.

Application Tester ($20 - $75/hour)

With the increasing development of applications for smartphones, tablets, and computers, the need to ensure their quality is crucial. Application testers work as beta testers, evaluating newly developed software before they are released to the general public.

As an application tester, you will have access to new software and a timeframe to use it and evaluate its performance. You will use the software while going about your daily activities. This makes application testing an excellent side gig while studying or working another job.

No degree or special certification is required for this job, but it is essential to have good communication and analytical skills.

Librarian ($20 – $50/hr)

Libraries are found in almost every major city around the world, and librarians play a vital role in managing their collections, activities, and assets. They also ensure that library users follow the rules.

While some librarians may hold a degree in library science, it is not always a requirement. A love for books and reading, organizational skills, and expertise in people management and communication are essential qualities for managing a library.

If you enjoy reading books of all types, becoming a librarian can offer you the flexibility to pursue other interests, such as online studies.

Bookkeeper ($15 – $50/hr)

Gaze upon the intricate role of a Bookkeeper, the vital veins of any accounting process, and be astounded by the profound nature of their duties. These individuals hold the great responsibility of generating and organizing all transactions conducted by a business.

Their job, however, is not merely a mundane task of data entry, but rather an intricate process that involves the use of specialized tools and software. These tools allow them to meticulously document every sale, purchase, and bill payment that occurs daily, creating the initial financial records that a business requires before an account evaluates their work.

One cannot underestimate the value of a Bookkeeper, as their role is fundamental in ensuring that businesses remain on the right track, keeping accurate records and avoiding loss. It is for this reason that they must possess impeccable attention to detail, meticulously collecting data with the utmost precision.

Computer/IT Support Specialist ($17 - $50/hr)

The job of an IT support specialist involves resolving technical issues with computer systems and hardware, as well as installing and maintaining them. They can either work independently or as part of a company's team, ensuring that all devices are operating at peak performance.

Computer/IT support specialists can choose to work part-time, traveling to different locations to provide their services. This is an ideal role for individuals who have a good understanding of electrical systems and are knowledgeable about computers.

If you possess these skills and are seeking a part-time job, becoming an IT support specialist may be a great fit for you. This job offers flexibility and the opportunity to apply your technical expertise while earning a competitive salary.

Sales Consultant ($15 - $250/hr)

Sales consultants are responsible for identifying customer needs, providing product education, negotiating prices, and closing sales deals for businesses.

As the primary point of contact for customers, sales consultants play a critical role in building strong relationships and driving sales growth. In retail settings, sales consultants assist customers in finding the right products and offer guidance on their usage.

While the role of a sales consultant can be highly competitive, it does not necessarily require prior experience or a formal degree. Successful candidates are trained to possess a deep understanding of their products and expert sales techniques.

If you are passionate about sales and enjoy interacting with customers, a career as a sales consultant may be the right fit for you. With flexible work schedules and potential for high earnings, this role offers excellent opportunities for professional growth and financial success.

Online Tutor ($15 - $100/hr)

Becoming an online tutor is an excellent opportunity for individuals who have a strong command of subjects like math, science, English, French, or any other academic field.

With remote learning becoming increasingly popular, online tutors can work from anywhere in the world, helping students of all ages with their studies. While many online tutors are professional teachers, anyone with a thorough understanding of a subject can become a tutor.

Online tutors utilize video messaging software such as Zoom and Google Meet to conduct virtual classes. To be effective, they require a computer or smartphone, a reliable internet connection, and a working knowledge of these applications.

Whether you are a full-time employee, a university student, or a recent graduate, becoming an online tutor can provide you with a flexible and rewarding source of income. With the opportunity to work from home and earn competitive pay rates, online tutoring is an excellent option for anyone with a passion for teaching and a strong academic background.

Public Relations Coordinator ($16 - $53/hr)

Public relations coordinators play a critical role in shaping a company's public image by organizing events, liaising with stakeholders, crafting press releases, and delivering presentations on behalf of the organization.

This job requires individuals with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as a talent for organization and energy to meet tight deadlines.

While a degree is not always required for entry-level positions, successful candidates typically possess a background in communications, marketing, or related fields.

If you have a passion for public relations and are skilled in communication, a part-time role as a public relations coordinator may be an ideal opportunity for you. With flexible hours and competitive pay rates, this role offers a great chance to develop your skills and build a rewarding career in the field of communications.

Delivery Driver/Courier ($16 - $50/hr)

Delivery drivers and couriers are responsible for transporting goods to their intended destinations. This involves driving trucks and ensuring that items are delivered in good condition and within the agreed-upon timeframe.

In some cases, delivery drivers may also be responsible for loading and unloading larger items.

With flexible shift schedules and downtime between deliveries, part-time work as a delivery driver is an excellent way for individuals with a valid driver's license to supplement their income.

Whether you are a student or a full-time employee, part-time work as a delivery driver or courier can provide you with the opportunity to earn competitive wages while developing valuable skills in time management, logistics, and customer service.

Drywall Installer ($17 - $50/hr)

Drywall installers play an essential role in the construction and renovation of buildings. They are responsible for measuring, cutting, and fitting wallboards to create walls and ceilings.

Although this is a skilled trade that requires mastery of the craft, it does not necessarily require a university degree. As a result, many individuals can pursue part-time work as drywall installers.

Since drywall installation is a specific task within the construction industry, drywall installers are not typically full-time construction workers. This means that they have the flexibility to take on multiple jobs or pursue other endeavors in their spare time.

If you have an interest in construction and are skilled with tools, part-time work as a drywall installer can provide you with a competitive salary and the opportunity to develop your craft while working flexible hours.

Videographer ($15 – $50/hr)

Videographers are responsible for capturing and editing video footage using cameras and other equipment. This job is perfect for those who have a passion for capturing special moments and possess knowledge of photo editing tools. You do not need a degree to start working as a videographer, and it can be an excellent part-time job that allows you to gain valuable experience while pursuing your interests.

Office Administrator ($15 – $50/hr)

Office administrators play a vital role in ensuring the efficient operation of a workplace by performing a range of clerical duties and providing excellent customer service.

Their responsibilities include answering calls, bookkeeping, scheduling meetings, and more. As a result, office administrators need to have strong communication skills and be proficient in using computers and various office applications.

Office administration is a great part-time job option as it doesn't require a degree and provides the opportunity to learn and perform diverse tasks on the job.

Warehouse Manager ($22 – $50/hr)

Warehouse managers are responsible for overseeing all the operations in a warehouse. They coordinate the activities of the staff working in the warehouse, create and maintain inventory records of the goods stored there, and ensure that safety and health regulations are followed.

To be successful in this role, a warehouse manager needs to have excellent people management skills and be able to keep accurate and organized records of the items in their care. They should also be knowledgeable about logistics and supply chain management, and be able to work well under pressure.

This is a great part-time job for anyone who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and has strong organizational and leadership skills. While a degree is not always required, experience in warehouse management or a related field is often preferred.


In conclusion, there are many part-time job opportunities available for people looking to supplement their income. These jobs do not require a degree and can be done by anyone with the necessary skills and qualifications. Some of these jobs require specific skills or knowledge, while others only require a willingness to learn and work hard.

Part-time jobs offer flexibility in terms of work schedule, making it easier for individuals to balance work, family, and other commitments. They can be a great way to gain experience and develop new skills, which can be beneficial for career advancement.


What are part-time jobs?

Part-time jobs are jobs that require fewer hours of work compared to full-time jobs. These jobs can be done by individuals who are looking to supplement their income, gain work experience, or balance work and other commitments.

Do part-time jobs require a degree?

No, most part-time jobs do not require a degree. Some jobs, such as those in healthcare or education, may require specific qualifications or certifications.

What skills are required for part-time jobs?

The skills required for part-time jobs vary depending on the job. Some jobs, such as retail or customer service, require good communication and interpersonal skills, while others, such as data entry or transcription, require good typing and computer skills.

Can part-time jobs lead to full-time employment?

Yes, part-time jobs can lead to full-time employment. Many companies prefer to hire individuals who have already worked for them on a part-time basis, as they are familiar with the company culture and processes.

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